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  5-26-16  Help prevent the spread of West Nile Virus
  5-16-16  Kane County Narcan program reaches training milestone
  5-11-16  Hojicha Tea Recall
  5-11-16 Walnut Recall
  5-11-16  Trader Joe’s Kale salad recalled   
  5-5-16  Sunflower recall affects trail mix product
  5-4-16  Sunflower products recall
  5-4-16  Expanded recall of frozen vegetables
  5-2-16  Republic of Tea recalls green tea product
  4-25-16  Frozen vegetable recall
  4-15-16  Recall of Herring in oil
  3-23-16  Don’t hide bacteria along with colorful eggs
  3-15-16  Pistachio Recall Expanded Further
  3-14-16  Boost Tea Recall
  3-14-16  Pistachio Recall Expanded
  3-10-16  California firm recalls pistachio products
  3-10-16 Annual Community Health Fair March 12th
  2-29-16  Maytag Dairy Farms expands blue cheese recall
  2-24-16 Recall of raw macadamia nuts
  2-23-16 Annual Community Health Fair March 12th
  2-22-16  Blue Cheese Recall
  2-22-16  Flax Seed Powder Recall
  2-22-16  Granola  Recall
  2-22-16  More pistachio recalled
  2-18-16  Raw pistachio products recall expands
  2-16-16  Garden of Life expands recall of organic products
  2-16-16  Recall of raw pistachios
  2-8-16  Jel Sert recalls pie filling
  2-2-16  Braga Organic Farms pistachios recall
  2-1-16  Garden of Life recalls products
  1-22-16  Dole Fresh Salads Recalled
  1-19-16  Trader Joe's Cashew Recall
  1-11-16  Egg Recall
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