Community Health Assessment 
A Webinar was created so that the public can view the results of the 2011 Kane County Community Health Assessment. Below are two options for viewing this information.
The full webinar will take approximately 90 minutes to complete due to the large amount of data we would like to present and review with you.

You are able to pause it at any time as well as skip forward and backward.

It has been broken down into 10 sections and slide #3 provides a table of contents, detailing the slide numbers and amount of time each section will take.

CLICK HERE to access the full Health Assessment
This Executive Summary provides an overview and high-level detail about the 9 key opportunities for community health improvement we have identified through the community health assessment.

It draws from the longer, more comprehensive 90 minute webinar that provides expanded detail about the data collected and analyzed throughout the assessment process.
CLICK HERE to access
the shorter Executive Summary
Note:  To view, you will be asked for your email address, name, and organization.
If you are a private citizen and not part of an organization or business,
please enter the word none in the organization box.
Thanks to all who participated in the 2011 Community Health Assessment Survey