​Environmental Health

The Kane County Environmental Health Program strives to protect public health through programs specifically designed to promote healthy environmental conditions and reduce risks associated with communicable disease.

Our goals are to preserve and protect environmental health via surveillance, education, enforcement, and prevention of environmental hazards that can adversely affect human health.

Food Service Operators -  New Illinois Food Code

Kane County will begin enforcement of the FDA code on January 1, 2019.
Environmental Fees & Permits

Air Quality

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Carbon Monoxide

Healthy Places Coalition
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention
Safe Lead Removal Practices


Food Safety for Consumers
Food Service Providers
Food Service Fees & Permits

Lead Poisoning Prevention

Information & Resources
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention
Safe Lead Removal Practices

Property Maintenance

Nuisance Investigation, File a complaint

Septic & Sewage

Inspections & Education

Tanning Facilities



Well Inspection

West Nile

West Nile Virus — What is it?
West Nile Virus Surveillance

Other Helpful Environmental Information:

Foodborne Illness
Natural Disasters