​Health Information Exchange (HIE)

The Health Information Exchange (HIE) will allow local public health departments to be able to evaluate real-time health data on a population level, in order to monitor the health of our community, as well as to assure that we provide the highest quality service to our residents.  In addition, we will be better able to respond to health issues in our community.

What is HIE?

“Health information exchange (HIE) refers to the sharing of clinical and administrative data across the boundaries of health care institutions, health data repositories, and States”. 
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Why is HIE important for patients and consumers?

Health information technology, sometimes called e-Health or Health IT, allows your providers to use electronic computer networks to store, manage or exchange your records.
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Why is HIE important for providers?

Healthcare providers such as a doctor’s office, specialist, hospital, clinic or lab share patient health records electronically through a secure network. This helps improve treatment outcomes, coordination of care and efficiency in practices.
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The following sites can provide more information about the HIE
Illinois Health Information Exchange
Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council, Regional HIE
State of Illinois, Office of Health Information Technology (OHIT)
United States Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC)