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What to do in the case of an opioid overdose:

  1. Call 911 Immediately
  2. Administer naloxone if available (wait 2-3 minutes before administering a second dose if the first one does not work)
  3. Start rescue breathing and/or chest compressions
  4. Stay until first responders arrive 

Kane County Health Department partners with police departments, substance use treatment centers, schools, and churches throughout the county to provide them with naloxone, a medication used to reverse an overdose caused by opioids.​​​

Kane County Health Department
Tools and Resources for Opioid Overdose Prevention:


​​Kane County Lives Saved with NARCAN:

Age-Adjusted Drug and Opioid-Involved Overdose Death Rate​

Age-Adjusted Opioid-Related Overdose Mortality Rate​​

Age-Adjusted Hospitalization Rate Due to Opioid Use

Crude Opioid Overdose Mortality Rate


​​Illinois Helpline for Opioids and other Substances: Call 833-2FINDHELP or text HELP to 833234

Substance Use Treatment Organizations ​

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