Food Establishment CategoriesBanner.png

‚ÄčCategory I-1

1) All large multi-departmental retail grocery stores

Category I-1 facilities include large (greater than 15,000 square feet) multi-department retail grocery stores which may include delicatessen, bakery, meat/seafood, produce and food service. A Certified Food Protection Manager must be on the premises at all times.

Category I-2

1) Potentially hazardous foods are cooled, as part of the food handling operation at the facility;

2) Potentially hazardous foods are prepared hot or cold and held hot or cold for more than 12 hours before serving;

3) Potentially hazardous foods cooked and cooled, must be reheated;

4) Potentially hazardous foods which are prepared for off-premises serving with time-temperature requirements during transportation; holding and service are relevant;

5) Complex preparation of foods, or extensive handling of raw ingredients with hand contact for ready-to-eat foods, occurs as part of the food handling operations at the facility;

6) Vacuum packaging and/or other forms of reduced oxygen packaging are performed at the retail level; or

7) Immunocompromised individuals such as the elderly, pre-school aged children and pregnant women are served, where these individuals compose the majority of the consuming population.

Category I-2 facilities include full-menu restaurants, caterers, hospitals, small (less than 15,000 square feet) grocery stores, daycares/pre-schools providing a full service meal. A Certified Food Protection Manager must be on the premises at all times.

Category II

1) Hot or cold foods are held at required temperatures for no more than 12 hours and are restricted to same day service;

2) Foods are prepared from raw ingredients using only minimal assembly;

3) Foods that require complex preparation (whether canned, frozen or fresh prepared) are obtained from approved food processing plants, high risk food service establishments or retail food stores.

Category II facilities include fast food restaurants and daycares/preschools that provide potentially
hazardous pre-packaged or catered food that must be kept hot or cold. A Certified Food Protection Manager must be on the premises at all times.

Category III

1) Only pre-packaged foods are available or served in the facility, and any potentially hazardous foods available are commercially pre-packaged in an approved processing plant;

2) Only limited preparation on non-potentially hazardous foods and beverages, such as snack foods and carbonated beverages, occurs in facility;

3) Only beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are served at the facility.

Category III facilities include retail outlets selling only pre-packaged foods, movie theaters with popcorn and soda, and bars that do not prepare potentially hazardous food and daycares/pre-schools that serve limited potentially hazardous foods such as milk or non-potentially hazardous snack. A Certified Food Protection Manager recommended but not required.

Establishments serving milk only and/or coffee only or fewer than 3 coolers of one other single food item that is prepackaged such as ice cream or cheese can petition for 50% waiver.

Applications submitted after July pay half the appropriate fee (Applicable to New Food Establishments Only).