Income and Education

The Kane County income and Education Campaign aims to reduce the proportion of Kane County residents living at or below 100% of the poverty line by 25%, as well as improve the four-year graduation rate of all public school districts with a baseline rate less than 87% by 5%.

Middle School Career Exploration Toolkit

Our toolkit is designed to make life easier for teachers by allowing parents, community members and businesses. Click the image to the left to sign up or print out our packet to display at your school, career fair or your next parent/teacher night!

Middle School Career Exploration Contest

Are you a middle school teacher or the parent of a middle school student? Our career exploration contest is designed to engage students in and outside of the classroom! Students are asked to complete a one minute video or design a poster around a career they have explored. Videos will be featured on our Instagram page, where students across Kane County can see each others ideas on future careers. Click the poster to the left for the full details and filable registration packet.

Middle School Career Exploration Resources "Newsflash"

​Out bi-monthly newsflash is designed for middle school teachers, counselors, administrators and librarians, each one features new resources and updates for career exploration and preparedness. View our archived ones here.​​