​Smokefree workplaces are good for health and business. While the number of workers who smoke tobacco or who are exposed to secondhand smoke in the workplace has declined over the past several decades, many workers remain susceptible to the harms of tobacco smoking.

The use of emerging tobacco products, including hookah and electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) or e-cigarettes, has increased in recent years. Despite the increased use of e-cigarettes and marketing of these products, little is known about long term health effects.

Smokefree workplace policies not only protect workers from the health dangers of secondhand smoke, but they result in a more efficient work environment. Going smokefree in the workplace will also:

  • Lower cleaning and maintenance expenses (carpets, drapes, ducts, paintwork)
  • Lower insurance premiums (fire, medical, worker comp, liability)
  • Lower labor costs

The Smoke Free Illinois Act prohibits smoking and tobacco use in the workplace.

The Kane County Health Department's Tobacco Control and Prevention Program offers no-fee assistance to those who wish to enact tobacco-free policies in their workplace.

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  2.  American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation: https://no-smoke.org/at-risk-places/workplaces/

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