​​​Smoke-Free Housing

Smoke-free Housing HUD Rule
As of July 30, 2018, all public housing agencies are required to be smokefree. This lifesaving rule will protect nearly two million Americans living in public housing from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke, which travels between units in multi-unit housing. It will also prompt many residents who currently smoke to think about quitting for good.

Benefits of Smoke-free Housing
Smoke-free policies create a safer and healthier living environment for their residents. Smoke-free housing policies are completely legal-There is no “right to smoke” in any U.S law. Smoke-free policies are profitable for housing providers by reducing cleaning fees and insurance costs, as smoking is the leading cause of fire damage. On average, the turnover cost for a smoking unit costs up to four times the amount as smoke-free units when accounting for cleaning, painting, and replacing flooring and appliances.

Kane County Smoke-Free Housing Map ​
Kane County Smoke-Free Housing Directory

Smoke-free housing info from HUD:
A Toolkit for Residents of Federally Assisted Public and Multi-family Housing
Smoke-Free Housing Toolkit for Public Housing Authorities and Owners/Management Agents

The American Lung Association provides Certificates of Recognition, acknowledging properties that have adopted smoke-free policies. The American Lung Association encourages additional property owners/managers to adopt a smoke-free policy and also assist tenants in locating a smoke-free property.

To be considered for a Certificate of Recognition, the property manager/owner must submit a completed Illinois Smoke-free Housing Recognition Consideration Form and a copy of the lease agreement or addendum that states there is a smoke-free policy to SmokeFree@LungIL.org or FAX to 312-781-9250.

Kane County Health Department Contact

The Kane County Health Department is committed to helping multi-unit housing communities go smoke-free.

Please contact us if you would like to partner to make your building smoke-free, or if you have any questions about smoke free housing policies.

Marija Hegel, MPH
Community Health Initiatives Coordinator
E-mail: hegelmarija@co.kane.il.us​


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