​​​​​​​​Water Treatment, Septic, Sewage & Solid Waste

Water Treatment​

We provide:

  • Non-community water systems inspection relating to schools, businesses & restaurants
  • Education on ground water protection and well maintenance

The health department does not do well and septic inspections for home sales/mortgage transactions​.


IEPA Well Water Page
Testing Private Wells brochure IEPA
IEPA List of Accredited Water Testing Labs in IL
IDPH Certified Microbiology Labs 
Water Well System
PFAS in Drinking Water Infographic
​Illinois EPA PFAS Sampling Network 
Preparedness & Response for Septic Systems​
Private Water Well Sealing Materials Program
Northeastern Illinois Regional Groundwater Protection Planning Committee
Well Owner's Handbook
Well Owner's Quick Reference Pamphlet

Check our Fees & Permits page for the current fees for:

  • Construct or deepen a well
  • Well inspection
  • Well Sealing
  • Well Variance, Feasibility Letter, Letter of Approval to Municipality
  • Change of Contractor

Septic, Sewage, Solid Waste

We provide:

  • Private sewage disposal inspection and complaint investigation
  • Education on private sewage disposal system maintenance
  • Public complaint investigation – solid waste storage and handling


Aerobic Treatment Plant Guide
Septic Information
EPA Septic System Guide for Homeowners
Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Owner's Manual

Please call 630-444-3040 to request a private sewage/septic inspection or permit.

Check our Fees & Permits​ page for the current fees for:

  • New Construction - Single Family
  • Renovation - Single Family
  • New Construction - Commercial, Multi-Family
  • Renovation - Commercial, Multi-Family
  • Experimental/ Alternative System – Chemical, Incinerator, Drip, Etc.
  • Aerobic Treatment Plant Monitoring
  • Change of Contractor
  • Subdivision Plan Review – per lot
  • Septic Plan Revision
  • Soil interpretation, Septic Variance, Feasibility Letter, Letter of Approval to Municipality
  • Site inspection of septic disposal area

Illinois Department of Public Health Links to Illinois Codes Information

Part 820: Swimming Pool & Bathing Beach Code
Part 890: Plumbing Code
Part 905: Private Sewage Disposal Code
Part 920: Water Well Construction Code
Part 925: Water Well Pump Installation Code