​Kane County's Opioid Overdose Problem​

​Kane County, Illinois, like many areas of the United States are facing an opioid use and overdose epidemic. Through data-driven exploration, we aim to foster understanding, awareness, and action towards​ preventing overdose deaths.


  • 90 total drug overdose fatalities
  • 75 (83.3%) were related to an opioid
  • Opioid fatality rate per 100,000 capita: 14.5​
  • 66 overdose fatalities were associated with fentanyl​


  • 2023 overdose data for Kane County is not yet available.​
  • Naloxone was used to reverse a suspected overdose in Kane County a reported 95 times in 2023. Naloxone use frequently goes unreported. 
  • ​17,842 doses of naloxone were distributed to Kane County first responders, organizations, agencies, businesses and the public in 2023.​

Opioid Data Resources

IDPH: Illinois Opioid Data Dashboard​

IDPH: Statewide Semiannual Overdose Report

CDC 2023 ​Provisional Overdose Data​