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​2023 Fee Schedule for Food Service
2023 Fee Schedule for Wells, Septic, Tanning Facilities and Ceremonial Fires​​
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Food Program

  • Food Handling Permit
  • Food Service Construction Guide
  • Food Service Establishment Plan Review & Ventilation Plan Review 
  • Mobile Vending Unit Permit
  • Seasonal Food Handling Permit ​​​
  • Temporary Food Service Permit
  • Temporary Food Service Vendor Coordinator Application
  • Cottage Food Registration Forms
  • Shared Kitchen Food Permit

  • ​Private Sewage
  • Water Well Permits
  • Non-community Water Program
  • Application for Permit to Construct, Modify or Seal a Closed Loop Well System
  • ​Private Sewage/Septic Disposal System Application
  • State of Illinois Application for Permit to Construct, Modify or Abandon a Water Well

  • ​Inspection
  • Change of Owner​