​​Tobacco Program

The goals of the Kane County Health Department are to:

1. Promote smoking cessation

2. Reduce secondhand smoke exposure

3. Promote compliance with Smoke Free Illinois Act​

*Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of death within the United States. There is no risk free level of exposure*

As of 2018, in Kane County…

  • 13.7% of adults were current smokers
  • 8.1% of adults used vaping products
  • 2.4% used smokeless tobacco

Kane County Tobacco Control Coalition

This group focuses on addresses tobacco use and vaping specifically within Kane County. The group meets bi-monthly to discuss issues related to:

  • policy change and advocacy efforts including strengthening school tobacco codes to include e-cigarettes and passing local smoke-free policies
  • increasing awareness of youth e-cigarette use
  • increasing utilization of cessation resources within the community

If you are interested in attending the coalition, please contact Angela Brown at brownangela@co.kane.il.us


Illinois Tobacco Quitline

American Lung Association

American Cancer Society

American Heart Association​


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Illinois Tobacco Quitline
Illinois Tobacco Quitline